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A truly authentic casino experience isn’t complete without the lights and sounds of a real casino slot machine. As luck would have it, Casino Night Indy has four new slot machines read to be taken for a spin.

Our slot machines aren’t knock-offs either – they are the real deal with the lights and sounds that you’d expect to experience in any vegas casino. And they operate like real slot machines too. Simply put in your “money” and pull the lever. Win big or go bust, it’s so simple that anyone of any skill level can play and have a blast. Our machines are the perfect alternative for folks who either don’t want to play a table game or don’t know how to play.

What type of event would benefit from slot machines?

That’s easy – any casino event where you have a lot of people with varied casino skills from no experienced to the seasoned pro. The last thing you want to do is alienate people who don’t gamble. And everyone enjoys having a variety of games at their disposal. Types of events include: church festivals, corporate parties, holiday parties, after proms, fundraisers, and more.

How to rent one of our slot machines


Just give us a call at (855) 921-5454 and one of our talented event planners will help you get started. We’ll need to know the date of your event, the location, and how long you’d like to rent the slot machine. And don’t forget – we have four slot machines. We’d be happy to give you a volume discount if you rent them all!

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