Everyone thinks they know how to have fun until they try to plan an event. Suddenly, it becomes obvious that knowing how to have fun and knowing how to create fun are two different things.

There’s a reason professional party and event planners exist. It may not be an exact science, but there’s certainly an art to creating and executing a large event for a wide range of people.

A cash cube makes an excellent centerpiece for any event that anyone can enjoy. These money machines spark excitement and create a spectacle. It’s a great experience for participants and also fun to watch as a spectator.

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How The Cash Cube Works

For those not in the know, a cash cube or money machine is a booth that a participant stands in. A series of fans blow paper around, these can be physical bills, funny money, vouchers, or the like.

The participant gets a set amount of time to grab what they can and keep what they grab. Numerous methods can be used to choose participants but some work better than others. You can charge for tickets if you’re hosting a fundraiser or you can give anyone a chance if the goal is for all to have fun. Either way it’s a hit.


The opportunity to network effectively is one reason a money cube makes a great trade show attraction.

Arrange a set of teams to choose their participant and it makes a solid team-building exercise.

Set one up at a wedding and it makes a lively money tree substitute. There’s a lot that can be done by changing what is placed in the machine. Party favors and dares are all fun ideas to get a whole room engaged.

Light it Up

Like everything else in life, trust the professionals to deliver a quality experience. Rent a cash cube for an event and blow the office or neighborhood away.

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