Cash Cube Money Machine Rental – Indianapolis, IN

Our cash cube money machine adds an additional flair or excitement and anticipation to any casino event.

These rentals are a blast! Your guests step into the money machine and start grabbing cash, coupons, vouchers or whatever you like as fast as they can for a limited amount of time. Once the times up, the air stops and it’s time to count the spoils. Some win big, some not so big but one thing is for certain – everyone walks out a winner.

Money machines draw a crowd at any event!

You can add one to your next event and give everyone a chance or raffle off tickets for a chance to win big. These are perfect for casino fundraisers as selling tickets can generate revenue. While they’re great for fundraisers, the fit any casino themed event very well and are fun for everyone!


Width:32”, Depth:42”, Height:87″, Weight:300 lbs.

How to rent our money machine cash cube

Simply give us a call @ (855) 921-5454. Our expert party planners will be happy to help secure a money machine as well as any other table or decor items you might need.

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