Casino Party FAQs – Indianapolis, IN

What all is included?

When ordering casino tables from us, we will provide you with beautifully made casino tables, cards or other supplies needed to deal, and Vegas weight chips instead of the cheap, light ones found in home poker kits. Depending on your package, we will also provide professional dealers.

What should we expect from the dealers?

Our casino dealers know the games inside and out and will provide a lighthearted and fun experience for your guests. They can teach the games and will lean them in your guests’ favor. If the players are winning, they will be having way more fun! Our dealers may also be professional circus performers.

These dealers (depending on their skills) may juggle, make balloon animals, do magic, eat fire, or a number of other skills. How does “play gambling” work? We will provide the players with $50,000 worth of chips (unless otherwise specified) when they first start playing. These are not real chips that can be spent at a casino, only with us in exchange for raffle tickets or a slip with their total. Depending on client preferences, we can cut people off if they lose all of their chips, or give them a new stack of $25,000. Some events, such as fundraisers, do have an actual buy in (as a donation) to get these chips.

And if a guest loses all of their chips, they can add another donation to get more. How does cashing out at the end of the night work? We will exchange one raffle ticket for every $10,000 worth of chips each guest has at the end of the night. We do cap out at 25 tickets per person, although it usually doesn’t get that high. The majority of casino nights we do will have prizes (provided by the client) that can be raffled off to their guests so they have motivation to play and win.

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